Web Development

We develop reliable, highly scalable, and low cost websites and provide web application hosting which easily scale in line with content requirements and audience demand.

Based on industry standard HTML 5, CSS, JS and PHP, we can build you reliable and scalable websites and webapps.


Simplicity is key to any successful website or web app.
If your site is too complicated, the user will have to go through too many hoops to find what they are looking for and won’t even bother trying it out.

 User experience-UIX

The user experience is key. Building complex, content- rich websites designed in a service-oriented fashion.
A website that is user-friendly and not too hard on the eyes. Designed for Mobile, Tablets and Desktops.

 AWS compute capacity

We use AWS compute capacity in the Cloud for the best, most relaible website hosting environment.
And we would like to assist your organization with Solutions and ideas for overall website improvement.


 Style & HTML

Stylish design details such as background videos, images, gradients, shadows and more, including integrated videos for OTT, using the latest HTML 5 standards.


Adjust the appearance of elements using a range of CSS filters, such as Hue, Saturation, Blur and Sepia.


We design layouts that are fluid and position elements with absolute pixel perfect precision.


Beautiful, rich typography with a fully featured collection of typography settings and controls.

We create create intuitive and powerful responsive websites.

Reliance Cloud is by your side in the digital content world. We manage the technology, freeing you up to do what you do best - create amazing digital content.

Our Partners

A range of fantastic cloud based solutions!

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Reliancecloud is an Amazon Select Partner and a 100% Black Owned level 1 BEE company.

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