Digital Content Creation on AWS

A set of solutions that help creative studios scale rendering workloads, workstations for artists and editors, and storage workloads for hybrid or full cloud pipelines.

 Virtual Workstations

Scale and expand your creative talent with virtual workstations. virtual workstations on AWS provide the flexibility to create and maintain a consistent workflow for content production while facilitating improved collaboration.

 Storage Solutions

Storage that scales with your needs. AWS provides multiple storage tiers, providing you with the flexibility to store infrequently needed assets as well as your current files.

 Cloud Rendering

What could artists achieve if they had more time? Rendering on AWS provides you with the flexibility to control how quickly you want to complete your project. Scale rendering capacity as you require.

 Headless CMS for the Enterprise

A headless+ CMS that empowers your entire team of content authors, software developers, and IT operators to innovate faster, deploy sooner, and create modern, content-driven digital experiences and products. Open source license. Git-based repository. For blazing fast dynamic and static experiences.

Broadcast & Media Solutions

Broadcast-quality video services are rapidly migrating to OTT streaming delivery to better engage audiences and generate insights into viewing preferences. Solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and partners are enabling thousands
of deployments, globally.

With most Media organisations building an ‘OTT’ and ‘Digital’ first strategy, the streaming pipeline has become the most critical aspects of video delivery, and audience engagement. To realise the true potential in OTT video, AWS has built cloud-native, serverless services enhanced by the performance of AWS Elemental video expertise.

AWS Media Services
These provide the core tools and elements needed to build cloud-based video workflows to meet even the most demanding workload. Each service has a granular function with full modularity that enables you to design flexibly.

AWS Media Services

AWS Elemental

High-quality transport service for live video that offers a more flexible alternative to Satellite and private IP-based contribution and primary distribution.
Use cases: Ground to cloud ingest, live contribution, primary distribution.

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AWS Elemental

File-based transcoding of on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

Use cases: Studio asset creation, Library conversion, Content distribution.

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AWS Elemental

Live video encoding for real-time, uninterrupted streaming for broadcast TV and multiscreen devices.

Use cases: 24x7 live video workflows, Event-based live streaming.

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AWS Elemental

Video origination and just-in-time packaging service for securely delivering streaming content at scale.
Use cases: Large-scale live events, 24x7 live channel delivery.

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AWS Elemental

Origination and storage service that combines
high performance and predictable low latency required for live media with secure and durable Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
Use cases: Live video origination, User-generated live broadcasting.

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AWS Elemental

Content personalisation and monetisation providing individually targeted ads to multiple viewers through server-side ad insertion.
Use cases: VOD services, Live event streaming.

AWS Solutions Design & Implementation


Fully integrated Services

These are delivered as broadcast-grade services via the AWS Management Console. As video workflows don’t run in isolation, they also integrate seamlessly with other media-ready AWS services:-

Content ingest:

AWS Direct Connect, AWS Snowball

Content delivery:

Amazon CloudFront


Amazon CloudWatch

Artificial Intelligence:

Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Polly

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