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Reliance Cloud becomes LucidLink Service Partner playing an essential role in LucidLink’s Media & Entertainment go-to-market strategy, leveraging AWS S3 storage in South Africa

By Reliance Clod (Pty) Ltd. [Announcements] 1 August 2021


LucidLink transforms workflows, increases production output and reduces friction for creatives, through centralized filespace repositories in the cloud.

LucidLink’s modern approach to cloud-native file services was designed with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in mind.

"Reliance Cloud plays an essential role in LucidLink’s go-to-market strategy and we are dedicated to investing in, and growing with them.” Says Simon Herold, Founder of Reliance Cloud.

LucidLink’s Partner Program allows MSPs and CSPs to scale their business by enabling their object storage offerings with LucidLink to:

*Reduce infrastructure cost associated with hosting customer data
*Seamlessly access object storage without refactoring applications
*Provide secure remote access to hosted data, as if it were local storage
*Act as a universal cloud connector for any application

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Reliancecloud is an Amazon Advanced Partner and a 100% Black Owned level 1 BEE company.

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